“All Emotions Are Pictographable”

All Emotions Are Pictographable

 $$$ Replaces ‘lol’ to signify laughter. Also can convey a non-laughter state of broad-mouthed appreciation

### The opposite of ‘$$$’. Can be used as a “groan;” can be used to express antipathy, or more general frustration

^^^ “Keep it going, keep it going full steam!”1

+++ “Hold up!,” a guardrail against you talking

@@@ “Shi-i-i-i-iiit!”

%%% A Kafka-esque, Opening Shot Of King Vidor’s “The Crowd” sort of faceless and dehumnanized Modern malaise

&&& “Meet me at our most-commonly frequented coffeehouse so we can discuss this face-to-back-to-face-to-back!”

*** “My God– It’s full of stars!”2


These symbols are combinable. A common example: $^$^$^$, “this is funny; keep going,” with the emphasis on funny. (Whereas: ^$^$^$^, is more affectionate, more ‘obligatory lol’ sort of encouragement).




1“Too sweet to be sour/too nice to be mean”

2Reference #2

3My God, you’re full of shit!


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