Where Did All The Time Go?

Where DID All The Time Go?

…Outsourced to India, spent answering “which button is the internet?”

…Chris Isaak Show marathon

…UFO took it

…There’s a hole in the bucket list

…3rd & Bell– there’s a huge, gross stack of it

…16% Eating; 31% Sleeping; 45% Crying and/or On The Toilet; 8% Will & Grace Reruns

…Pogo’d away

…Spent doing no doubt important, rewarding work

…Spent leading a rich and satisfying social life

…Spent trying to buy more of it

…Spent making lists

…Traded at deadline for aging power pitcher

…Ran away and it never came back, wrong way down a one-way track1

…Homonymily misplaced between parsley, sage, rosemary and tumeric

…Pretty much went their separate ways after Morris Day left

…So steadily wasted that you never noticed it depleting

…Literally pissed away– peed on its face until it got up and left

…Swam against tide in the Fountain of Youth

…Spent it all on furtive glances, wishful thinking, and wax novelty lips– these things add up, you know.




1I’m sorry, that’s where “All The Trains” went.


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