Where Did Half My Knee Go?

Where Did Half My Knee Go?

If you have any information– any information at all– regarding its whereabouts, please contact me immediately 487-773-8363


Other than my busted leg, what other signs are there that I’m turning into Jimmy Corrigan

♪   Unrequited office crush over-thought, under-actioned

♪   Have lived in Chicago, am alone

♪   Ambivalent about Superman and his generic equivalents, dads

♪   Seth McFarlane is ripping me off (Rhode Island, references, love of Star Trek, ‘Gay question mark’)

♪   Am exquisitely collection of miseries, intricately framed

♪   Am secretly a robot

♪   An quietly annihilating sheet of snow


Sans race, whither the “Race Moustache”

♫   Can carefully slice off and save for a future race [OPTIMISTIC]

♫   Can get a hamster that, running in its wheel, symbolizes what I’ve lost AND THEN when lonely, bored, on the verge of tears, can look at it (squinting) from behind the up-held off-shaved moustache, imagining it was on the hamster’s face/dreaming of trading places [SAD]

♫   That or a hamster cape [SAD, BUT NEUTRAL]

♫   Wither the “Race Moustache”– just let it dry on the face-vine (unkempt, indeterminate from cheeks/nosehair/mouth crust) [DEPRESSIVE, PESSIMISTIC]


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