Where Did Half My Knee Go, Still?

Where DID Half My Knee Go?


^ Way down to Kokomo

^ Battered Joints Shelter

^ Took a flying fuck at a rolling donut, took a flying fuck at the mooon; couldn’t break earth’s gravity, trapped in orbit

^ Spring Break! But in the Fall!

^ Left on a Jet Plane (to have sex with its daughter)

^ Or did Peter, Paul & Mary do that song?

^ I don’t know their lives…

^ But still, a little unfair to let that implication stand on the basis of “confusion with the Mamas & Papas

^ Granted

^ On the lam since ratting out (half of) Eeney and (half of) Moe

^ On permanent vacation per orders of some broad I was lying about banging,re: the impending release/return of her boyfriend (He’s “kinda big” and “awful strong”; I’m a height weight anagram (5’10”, 150 lbs)1

^ On scholarship/off to college, will heretofore be (merely) a tangential part of my life– wicked bad “Empty Leg” syndrome

^ On a crazy bender– 270º around!

^ That’s a little knee humor for you

^ I knee-d to know and it didn’t pa-tell-a! …Me!

^ Which is unfortunate as I can’t afford an x-ray to find out (and my insurance only kicks in once I get hit by a truck).

^ To hell





1Alt. less truthful/more clever, grotesque variant: “I’m a height weight palindrome (5’11”, 115 lbs)


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