Where Did Half My Knee Go Diamond/Pearl

Let’s Put This Knee Thing To Rest, On Ice; Let’s Tear This Mother/Meniscus Down


I’m Panicking!

My arm’s tingling like someone opened up a Brookstone in there

If I was a song I would be off of the audiocassette LP Sister by Sonic Youth.

Panicqueen just taken, left with only 2 panicpawns and an anxiousrook?

I’m talking to people, conversationally, with whom I am acquainted.

Re-re-re-replaying every angle of each mistake in my mind over and over and

Completely ignoring the Order of Operations– going parentheses before brackets, multiplying before subtracting, swine before pearls, postmaturely ejaculating.

Eyes narrowing into an expansive soft focus; words lying on the tongue, fermenting into mouth crust.



Anagrams of BEDRIDDEN

Dined, Bred

En DD Bride


Bird Ended


Bid Dr Eden

Need Dr Bid?

Bend Dried

End Dire db

Bided Rend

Red Bidden

Dred In Bed



 How You Are Wasting Your Ability To Walk/Run/Stand/Kneel (That Should Rightfully Be Mine)

Being fat enough to barely be able to

Going to museums

Riding Segways

General Admission tickets to Velvet Revolver

‘Gallery Opening’ at local bar trying to cultivate enough cred to to tend double-digit wells

Stalking your first/only girlfriend

Giving lousy head

Giving lousey head– emigrating now-pubic nits

Giving mousey head– demure dick suckers/coquettish clit lickers need not apply(?/gross)

Giving moussey head– feathered fellatio, hair band hummers, another creepy/crass alliteration

Teaching a mouse how to ride a motorcycle (the fin-de-quatrevingts having long since passed)


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