What Am I Thinking Right Now, part one

What Am I Thinking RIGHT NOW?: the Psychic Gameshow


Host: And we’re back for the third round of “What Am I Thinking Right Now?”– the only game show that tests contestants based on their demonstrated psychic ability. After two rounds the score is all knotted up at 0 apiece.


Crowd is completely silent, contestants still


Host: Now we’ve made some alterations at the behest of our contestants. We’ve removed all the mercury from the studio [cut to intern holding up a fistful of thermometers, two fish, and a mouthsworth of old teeth], we’ve ceased all X-Rays within a two mile radius– with heartfelt apologies to our more cancer-ridden viewers and their thoughtless, pre-disposing families– and all of us have had a thorough floss.


Another intern goes row by row with crudbucket to capture inter-dental chunks


Host: Ok. Do you feel your mental plaque receding, oh Great Periodonti?

B: [massaging mandibles, mouth ajar, eyes squoze tight] My all-divining mouth eye would appear to be degaussed, yes.

Host: And your relationship with your Lord/Savior, Bethany?

A: He apologized for forsaking me.

Host: Perf–

A: I sensed that he had had some similar issues with his father, and he admitted that that was so. And that’s when the healing began.

Host: You healed Him?

A: All fathers are the children of sons, you know.

Host: I guess?


Cold moment: Crowd grimaces, an intern is caught using old teeth to give fish human smiles


Host: Well let’s get things started here in Round 3 with THE question that is the entirety of our game




Host: Say it with me, folks…

All: What. Am. I. Thinking. RIGHT NOW!?

Host: Ok— you heard them, contestants– What am I thinking right now?

A: You’re hurting. I sense a tragedy in your past. An “R” name. Or word. Maybe ‘heaRt,’ or a ‘caR’…

B: [rubbing mandibles] I see a form. Large, dark, perhaps mammalian in nature.

C: Naked Sex Ape!

Host: I’m sorry. The correct answer was “48”. The number… 48.


 TO BE CONTINUED???????????????



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