A Thanksgiving Letter

An Open Letter to Billy Joel


No one should have to live like Billy Joel lives– having to smile for the camera, having to play these pop standards over and over again until they have lost all meaning, while in his own personal life he is drinking himself to sleep and driving into houses. The man has done so much and yet he keeps pulling himself back in, giving some significant and adequately high percent, hanging out with Elton John, even though he doesn’t need to. He does it so that we don’t have to. And I don’t begrudge him his vendetta against recliners (http://www.thesmokinggun.com/backstagetour/billyjoel/billyjoel1.html) and I don’t begrudge him his pork-fisted efforts at creating contemporary classical music (like ham, but palatable)– I don’t even want to point out that he played a dog in Oliver and Company: I just want him to be safe, and to feel loved, and to know that he doesn’t have to deal with James Lipton if he doesn’t want to– no one has to deal with James Lipton; he is just not that important. We have options, Billy: we all have Options.


And Suicide is a Forever Option.


Good Night and God Bless,

James F O’Connor III


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