What I Did Instead of Running the Seattle Marathon

What I Did Instead of Running the Seattle Marathon


8:15 AM/0 Miles Sleeping

8:45 AM/4.1 Miles Wake up

8:47 AM/4.3 Miles Fall back asleep

9:30 AM/9.0 Miles Wake up

9:33 AM/9.3 Miles Absentmindedly J Off

9:42 AM/10.5 Miles Mindedly J Off

9:54 AM/12.2 Miles Clean hand

9:55 AM/12.3 Miles Check mail

9:56 AM/12.4 Miles See how old people are doing on Faces’ Book

10:02 AM/13.1 Miles Fall back asleep

10:14 AM/14.8 Miles Wake up; get some cereal (Honeycomb)

10:18 AM/15.2 Miles Get some more cereal (Life); get ice packs

10:18 AM/15.3 Miles Ice knee and foot/ankle

10:41 AM/18.1 Miles Floss, brush teeth

10:46 AM/18.8 Miles Put away, dry dishes

11:00 AM/20.2 Miles Wash face

11:03 AM/20.5 Miles Put away the rest of the dishes

11:09 AM/21.3 Miles Bathroom

11:14 AM/21.9 Miles Check mail; be disappointed by the Eagles

11:18 AM/22.4 Miles Pay $5.00(?) medical bill

11:21 AM/22.7 Miles Try to read

11:29 AM/23.6 Miles Give Up; Check back on the Eagles

11:32 AM/24.0 Miles Listen to things to accompany incompetence

11:42 AM/25.2 Miles Get dressed

11:47 AM/25.8 Miles Put on stupid boot

11:51 AM/26.2 Miles Take out the garbage


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