“Please Let Me Wonder”

“Please Let Me Wonder”

Don’t tell me there’s no such thing as co-incidence1

Don’t tell me about fungibility2

Don’t tell me I’m a lousy empath3

Don’t tell me my epilepsy is ‘gauche’4

Don’t tell me my triple bypass is ‘merely cosmetic’5

Don’t tell me I don’t have crippling anxieties that ‘keep me from living up to my full potential and which prevent me from leading a life I’ll ever be (remotely) satisfied with’6

Don’t tell me I’m an O-neder7

Don’t tell me I’ve been the one you love8

Don’t tell me I’m who you’re dreaming of9

Please let me wonder, love10

Don’t trivialize; without your crisp passes I never could have one-timed those knucklepucks11

Don’t succumb; your claustrophobia should not deny you the protection of my semandala12

Don’t remember; what brought you to this point should be regarded as trifle, as macguffin, as fleeting bagatelle– what’s past is prologue– slash sleep my pretty slash, hey: come smell this damp handkerchief I found (in my pocket)13

Don’t divulge to her upon what you’ve been dwelling14

Don’t describe to her the wrack and the wen you’ve been quelling15

Don’t disseminate to her what you’ve been doing ‘with’ or ‘to’ or ‘on’ or ‘inside a real doll designed to match’ her picture16

Don’t call me (Steveland, Judkins) Morris17

Don’t tell me I’ve been the one you love18

Don’t tell me I’m who you’re dreaming of19

Please let me wonder, love20

Don’t tell me about the a-Mediterranean, non-Classical, predominately-extant virtues of Angkor Wat21

Don’t tell me I’ve been the one you love22

Don’t tell me I’m who you’re dreaming of23

Please let me wonder24

I Love You25





Don’t tell me how the immune system does or doesn’t work26

Don’t tell me if and when I became bourgeois27

Don’t tell me about the fossil record28

Don’t tell me the truth’s not out there29

Don’t tell me you’ve been true30

Don’t tell me what’s in the suitcase, what’s on the tape, what’s also in a different suitcase31

Don’t tell me who wrote The Book of Love32

Don’t tell me the Navi are pretend33

Don’t tell me what happens at the end34

Don’t tell me constellations are just sailors’ maps35

Don’t tell me the clouds aren’t shaped the way I see ’em36

Don’t tell me that afterlife communication is a flimsy sham and its practitioners heartless charlatans37

Don’t tell me that anybody feels the way I do, about you now38

Don’t tell me what I just thought, twenty years ago, Daniel Stern39

Don’t tell me my wings are tangled by the biological constraints on the human spirit 40

Don’t tell me which North American country my bread comes from?41

Don’t tell me my daughter is actually some kind of Vocally Controlled Kid Simulacrum42

Don’t tell me something about a lasso(o) that makes ME tell YOU the truth!43




1Now here we are together

2This would have been worth waiting forever

3I always knew you’d feel this way

4Please forgive my shaking

5Can’t you tell my heart is breaking?

6Can’t make myself say what I planned to say

7Please let me Oneder

8I’ve read your profile and I know what poly is short for

9(In this scenario, it’s hedron, and I cosa, am twenty, am enough for each of your faithless faces– we skitter across the surface of the Swedish super-collider, rolling our bones over every bosoming boson, taking them in, rendering her chest the pink-blossomed keeper of all cosmos)

10In that order

11I built all my goals around you

12That someday my love would surround you

13You’ll never know what we’ve been through

14For so long I’ve thought about it

15And now I just can’t live without it

16This beautiful image I have of you

17Please let me Wonder

18It’s your cousin, isn’t it?– the one whose jokes you laughed at!?

19(In this scenario, it’s a never-ending line of knives, stuck into the ground, just begging to be pulled and then plunged into the neck of every man who recalls your father. Just make sure you don’t smell your hands. Shi-i-i-i-i-i-i-it!)

20And– if it’s not a bother– a Spot of Stupefaction, The Missus.

21Please let me wonder (wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder) / Please let me wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder [TIE]

22That’s too feted

23And too fated

24Don’t tell me it’s faded

25I love you

26I still have eight boxes of Airborne to eat before spring starts

27Grapefruit spoons

28Or the fact that vaccines work, or chimpanzee genomic maps, or what non-cultivated bananas look and hold like…

29R* x fp x ne x fl x fi x fc x L = Probably

30I need SOMETHING to pop bones with (twenty years in)

31Boners, boners, and boners– the script girl fucked up BIG TIME in these pictures

32Stephin Merritt. Duh.

33Then what have I been ‘hey—listen-ing’ to for the past eleven years?

34Senescence, if you’re lucky, then, later, dust

35It does so look like a queen. If you squint. While in a headlock. Underwater.

36They’re each carefully molded into a specific letter of the Tetragrammaton, as written in all ten trillion known languages in the multiverse– which is to say: objective, not subjective

37Seriously, fuck those guys

38Please let me Wonderwall

39Please let me Wonder Years

40Please let me “the hallmark of our species and the central feature of the human spirit”

41Please let me Wonder, Wonder, or Wonder

42Please let me Small Wonder

43Please let me make sweet and thorough love to Wonder Woman


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