Do you like it when I kiss you here? [kiss]


How about here? [kiss]



Ooh. 10.

[kiss, kiss]

3, 8 ½.

[look up]

There’s, like, channels.

[kiss] Channels?

Or something. 6. Some sort of ley lines.

[kiss] Leylines? [kiss] Or lay-lines.

Hm. Sort of, yeah.

[ki- freeze]

…what? Oh! 7 and… 7.


Also 7.

Looks like I found a pocket [kiss]

7.2. Yeah. It’s kind of a cluster there.

Should I be worried [kiss] that I’ve wandered [kiss] into your Bermuda Triangle? [kiss]

Moreso a nebula– 8s– they’re galactic leylines.

[kiss while saying ‘my b’]


[!] How come? [?]

I’m not your bee.1

Space bee [kiss] pollenating satellites [kiss] relaying signals by way of your bewitching wiggle. [kiss]

Aw. 8, 9, 10 ½.

Shit no wait: Honey moons. [tits kiss]

… 3.



1Alternate esoteric indignance: That’s cancer talk– are you trying to cost me dem titties?!



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