(I’ve Got) Iterations (About So Many Things, But Not About You)

Do you like it when I kiss you here?

Here, on the hip? [kiss] Or on the solar plexus? [kiss]

[bemuse mouth]

It’s actually called the celiac plexus [kiss again]

[o rly? hand to lips]

and it’s a cluster of nerves [kiss] in your upper abdomen [flurry of kisses]

[her hand moved to feign resistance, pushed against his hair; he stops, comes up]

Start up here [kiss the side of her skull] at the right vagus nerve [spoke into hair] which [look in the eyes, hand cradling head] means wandering [kiss and she kisses back, on the mouth] in latin [said while kissing]

[her responses drop off; focus pulled to track entirely his trek]

it’s one of your cranial nerves [kiss]

which goes from the medulla [kiss]

into your carotid sheath [kiss kiss kiss]

and through your jugular [kissss]

and down your neck [unkiss]

through the chest [kiss, kiss] [think about it]

well, the heart really [kiss]

where it lowers your heart rate [kiss]

using acetylcholine

[look up] making it my enemy

and down the abdomen [trail tiny kisses]

into the viscera

as well as the greater [kiss] and lesser [kiss] splanchnic nerves

[break for a moment: her kind eyes, patient]

[his look of love hangs from the downward corner of his mildly smiling lip]


And the vagus nerve, meets up with the greater [kiss] and lesser [kiss] splanchnic nerves at the celiac ganglia

and the nerves, in turn, travel to your

  • stomach [kiss]
  • spleen [kiss]
  • liver [kiss]
  • pancreas [kiss]
  • and kidneys [kiss]

and connects out to your

  • ovarian plexus [kiss]
  • or your testicles [look up] if you were a fella [smile]

[returned smile]

also: your colon [makes fake uncomfortable, exaggerated purse lips, that pulsate as if he is fighting them from dragging him down to kissing *that*; he wins]

[returned smile]

It innervates the whole [finger circle] viscera [plunks his finger down]

[her viscera ripples its approval]

[he licks his finger]

[he brings his head up to continue kissing her lips] It’s part of your autonomic nervous system [while his finger traces the following functions]

which controls all your unconscious [kiss] visceral [kiss] processes:

digesting [kiss]

respiration [ki-i-i-iss]

saliva, sweat, bladder functions [kiss. kiss. kisss]

[k]how[i]wide[s]your[s]eyes[k]get[i… i…i…nng]

and[ssssssssss]arousal [deflated]

[Her eyes no wider, lips not wet]

Or it did.

[Creepo Med Student Necrophilia Twist Ending]

Well. Let’s get you re-dressed and back to rest.

[zips up, reaches over for sutures and clamps]

Sleep tight.

[zips up, reaches over with clamps]

Don’t let the bed bugs bite.


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