A I’m finished!
B Did you pass?
A I’m finished.
B I know that…
A I won’t know if I passed for at least a day or two
B Oh! Right.
A Right.
B But how’d’y’think you do. Did.
A I’m finished.
B I know that.
A Are you sure?
B You passed.
A I finishe
B You passed.
A d.
B Victory Dinner?
A We Don’t Know Yet!
B Knowing is half the battle.
A That… doesn’t apply.
B Hm.
A So h-
B *halting hand* If knowing is half the battle, then you’ve already won the other half
A That’s not how
B With 50% already in, and you taking all of it, it is a near statistical impossibility
A You’re making a lot of
B It Is A Near Statistical Impossibility that you will lose. All you need to “know” is more than 0% and the day is yours
A You “know” that’s insane, right?
B Repeating decimals and Imaginary Numbers are insane but they too are also Math
A First of all, 50% isn’t passing. Not anywhere; not ever.
B How about Chinese? Or Nepali. tan.
A Nepalese.
B Or we could make, like, a big breakfast and just have that for dinner. That’s a pretty good dinner to have.
A Do we have the supplies for that?
B I mean, I would make it–
A I’m pretty sure it would just be eggs and cereal.
B –It’s your Victory Feast after all.
A And… *looking* the cereal could have bananas on it.
B I could probably Macgyver up some kind of Meat Hash
A What meat? We’ve got three cans of tuna and some bouillon cubes.
B Chicken or Beef?
A Chicken.
B Well I think a Tuna Hash could be delicious.
A And isn’t hash supposed to have potatoes in it?
B Is it?
A Yes! …maybe.
B Well maybe tuna hash doesn’t have to.
A Tuna hash doesn’t have to do anything.
B It is one of our more affluent hashes, yes.
A No, I mean it doesn’t have to exist.
B Class warfare! What did tuna hash ever do to you?
A Ug, let’s just order a pizza.
B Victory pizza!
A No, just a regular pizza.
B Victory pizza?
A Tentative Optimism pizza.
B Vic
A I want a divorce.
B tor, oh! Bananas.
A Hm?
B Tuna hash could have bananas instead.
A Yeah. No. I don’t want tunana hash.
B But maybe if it was raw tuna,
A What are you even sayi
B sear it slightly when stirring… and plantains instead of bananas!
A That definitely sounds better but we don’t hav
B With *looks to the counter* Loaded Chili & Cheese flavor Ruffles!
A I want an annulment.


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