A. Think of it though

B. Thinka what?

A. Have you ever been this happy?

B. Yeah, probably.

A. What? No. ‘Yeahprobably’?

B. Yeah. Probably.

A. Think about it for real, come on.

B. Ok.

A. Be real WITH me.

B. I said ok already,

A. Be real with ME.

B. I

A. BE real with me?

B. I think you got it right the first time.

A. Yeah I did.

B. Ha! Really?

A. Yeah!

B. So proud you are.

A. Real proud.

B. …you are, aren’t you?

A. *beam*

B. What it must be like to be so sincerely and easily pleased.


B. Yes?

A. That’s not what you’re supposed to be thinking about

B. Oh, right.

A. It’s actually sort of the opposite *mental calculations*

B. *cranes to mirror head tilt*

A. *starts nodding head*

B. *starts nodding head also*

A. *nods head sideways and back*

B. *nods head sideways and back also*

A. Yeah. Yeah it’s the opposite.

B. *continues nodding head*

A. … I hope that’s your thinkin’ head. *serious*

B. It is now *slows out of nod*

A. Good. *still serious*

B. *kiss*

A. *still serious*

B. *kiss, but moreso*

A. *in media kiss* Thth dusthnt *kiss* tesht lk thnkng

B. *pulls back* I’ve been happier twice.

A. Hm. Brave but interesting response. Go on:

B. Once, in High School, first crush, open secret. So unrequited until, in the middle of the library one day, totally requited.

A. You did recreationals in your school library? I’m impressed.

B. Not exactly.

A. Oh. Well then how was this requited?

B.  A note in the pocket–


B. But slipped in the pocket– the jeans pocket–

A. *wavering head measure*

B. The one near my gentleness… *eyebrows*

A. *reaches out slowly, one finger*

B. *eyebrows (cont.)*

A. *finger reaches (cont.)*

B. *eyebrows, but eyes looking up towards encroaching finger*

A. *finger pushes eyebrow down, circles around the face, pushes other eyebrow down*

B. *mouth still doing its half of the ‘eyebrows-up-“eh?”-smile’*

A. Ok, ok. What’s the second one?

B. Don’t you want to know what the note said?

A. Something dirty, I hope. At least.

B. “Hey.”

A. Hey what?

B. Just “Hey.”

A. …you asshole.

B. Heyyyy.

A. Ugh.

B. Srsly tho. Pretty badass, right?

A. Oh yeah, srsly.

B. *kiss*

A. SRRSSSLY-what’s the other one?

B. The other what?

A. *not amused*

B. There was only one note. *puts up one finger*

A. *angry kiss*

B. Mm.. darty.

A. You’ll be… if

B. Darty?

A. Tell meeee

B. Fine fine fine

A. Yaay *clap clap*

B. The most happiest I’ve ever been

A. Wait. So that dumb “Hi” note was only number two?

B. Yes.

A. … you’re supposed to get upset because it was “Hey” and then I get to make fun of you for the complete lack of difference

B. Well I don’t negotiate with jealous terrorists.

A. Jealous?

B. …Sexy jealous terrorists?

A. Hey– I’ve got plenty of ‘heys’ in my lifetime

B. Oh a siloful I’m sure.

A. *narrowed eyes, voice* Just tell me

B. *narrowed eyes, voice* Alright

A. *clap clap* Yay.

B. It was when I got hired at SFC

A. *clap clap* What?

B. Yeah. I mean, I’d spent all those night


B. Yeah.

A. The thing that’s made you the happiest ever is

B. -getting hired at SFC, yes.


B. I mean, it was also a real tough time in m

A. Do you even like me?


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