A. Do you think you’ve ever been as happy as she is right now?
B. Yes.
A. Wait, no. Don’t just answer.
B. Yes. I have.
A. I– are you even seeing what is happening right now.
B. Oh, definitely. And I’ve definitely been as happy as her. Happier, even.
A. … are we looking at the same person?
B. I can’t imagine we’re not.
A. Ok, are we sure we’re LOOKING at the same person.
B. That was the exact same question you just asked.
A. Yeah. Yeah, I sort of wanted to mix up the meaning by shifting the emphasis
B. No, yeah. I got it.
A. but it didn’t quite go they way I’d hoped.
B. I’m looking at her. I’m looking at her pretty much a lot.
A. Wow. Yeah. She is , huh
B. Really going for it
A. No way you’ve been *that* happy
B. I think we have maybe different ideas of what counts as happy.
A. Doesn’t matter.
B. It doesn’t?
A. She’s the one. Her.
B. Her?
A. Her?
B. …her?
A. Yes. Do you think you’ve ever been as happy as she is, her, inside her own stupid head.
B. Pretty sure I have.
A. Prove it.
B. Prove what?
A. Show me
B. I don’t understand. How?
A. *hand sweep gesture*
B. Also: what? … and why
A. When: now. Who: you. Where: right here.
A. Do you really think you’ve been that happy?
B. As she is, right now, in her dumb head?
A. *stupid* head
B. I don’t think so I know so.
A. How?
B. Cause I’m with you dummy
A. Really, tho
B. Because I’m with you
A. That’s sweet.
B. Eyyyy, burn.
A. It’s nice!
B. Burn on me.
A. Yeah, well.
B. Yeah, well…
A. Yeahwellyeahwellyeah, well.
B. Yeah
B. Well?
A. Yeah.


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