So I went to the dentist

Today I went to the dentist…

Character: man so sexually into the hygienist experience its his number one, almost only thing

BUT: he can never date one because he would get so jealous about every cleaning; every scaler  slowly scraped, every saliva drop sucked. Couldn’t swallow all those “and spit”s.

Detail: she tells him to turn right, right into her chest. Her chest is huge; her chest is forever. Now she wants him look up and smile. From the blinding light above him gloved hands smell like rubber gloved hands, take his mouth firm, uncaring, but safe.

Conflict: by the second week of February he’s already shot his entire Dental coverage on cleanings, and et three-quarters through his savings.

Love Interest: On Valentines, he uses the last of his money for a long weekend with a heart of bronze prostitute who spins story that she used to be hygienist but quit to do something she loved and was good at and

Conflict: this is a lie.

Laffs: she has to fake like she knows what she’s doing (without letting him on).

Growth: but, over the weekend, she finds out. Real good, too– after having been uncomfortable at first (suspiciously so), and (ha ha) wanting to hurry him into the soft part, she feels good doing it. And what at first seemed weird and dumb and broken makes sense now (if it’s still pretty broken) and he’s not that bad looking I mean at least he has excellent teeth.
And he likes her, even though she’s comma well ellipses. But maybe that’s not so bad. People have lives, things don’t turn out as planned, but also– pre-conflict spat in which that last hitch is revealed– she doesn’t need his condescension, she could’ve been a hygienist if she wanted to, she chose this, but didn’t she say she was an hy

Conflict: he finds out.

But This Is A Hollywood Property So: in so doing (him) she grows so accustomed to his (terrible) face that she decides to go back to hygienist school (she was telling half the truth: sick dad, schoolbillsetcet) and make the lie a reality.

A Year Later: his dental coverage re-upped, he comes in for his first cleaning…

Sequel: man so homophobic he can’t ever get his teeth cleaned for the mirror, pik.

Think Marathon Man meets Breaking the Waves, but funny and heartwarming, like As Good As It Gets.
Full penetration?
The fullest!

DELAY TACTICS, actual content tomorrow


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