A. Can you pass the showerscrub?
B. ..Which one is that?
A. The showerscrub.
B. I, can’t tell which one you’re pointing at
A. There
B. The facewash or the bodywash?
A. The bodywash. The showerscrub.
B. Ok.
A. Thank you.
B. You’re welcome.
A. See– “First Dew scented ‘Showerscrub'”
B. Ok. Ok. I haven’t memorized your soap brands.
A. Just so you know. For next time.
B. Sure.
A. If I had wanted the facewash I would have asked for the facewash.
B. Not the… peach exfoliating microcrystals?
A. That’s just the description. The brand name is Almacs.
B. Not the Almacs?
A. Don’t pick nits.
B. Whatever.
A. Unless they’re actual nits, in which case, by all means, pick them.
A. This is supposed to be fun.
B. Eh.
A. ‘Eh’ it’s not supposed to be fun or ‘Eh’ it just isn’t
B. Both.
A. Both
B. I don’t really see the appeal in cleaning each other.
A. But we’re naked. Naked touching.
B. It’s not a sexy naked, though. Its, slumped , and– too
A. Natural?
B. Eh
A. Real?
B. Sort of
A. Disillusioning?
B. It’s like a zoo, but with people in it
A. In the cages?
B. Yeah.
A. So, it reminds you of prison?
B. A little.
A. I assure you, this shower is a rape-free zone.
B. Thanks.
A. As long as you keep a good grip on everything
B. Ok
A. And don’t look at me crossways
B. fun
A. or have snitched out me and my prison gang to the hacks
B. That means cabdriver
A. It does?
B. Yes.
A. What’s a prison guard then?
B. A dangerous job with great potential for horrifying abuses of power?
A. Huh.
B. Anyways, I think it was more like a human zoo then a prison. I think I was right before.
A. So, what’s a human zoo?
B. Well, it’s like a regular animal zoo
A. Ok, but you’re saying the term like it’s a thing that exists and is a legitimate point of comparison
B. Well, like Slaughterhouse-Five.
A. Never read it.
B. You should read it.
A. Sure.
B. There is a human zoo in it, that aliens have, and they watch the humans they captured mate and grow old and live their lives, every moment
A. And this reminds you of taking a shower with me
B. Yeah. Sort of.
A. How?
B. It feels like I’m on display.
A. To wh
B. It feels , every motion I do it feels performed, or
A. Wow. I do not pick that up at all.
B. Well you like a group shower
A. I don’t think two constitutes a
B. You know, you know what I meant
A. I do. I like it.
B. Well, why?
A. It’s nice. It’s… actually the exact opposite of how you see it.
B. An animal… aquarium.
A. I don’t think that’s the opposite on either count.
B. An animal open field with no boundaries whatsoever? Nor any expectation of behavior or performance?
A. Humans are animals.
B. Oh yeaah
A. Oh yeeaaahhh.
B. I genuinely, for real forgot.
A. Speciesist.
B. Darn skip. Human Beings: the Speciesest!
A. Number one with bullets.
B. I like it.
A. An aquarium is not far off though. I get a similar feeling there.
B. Which is?
A. Comfort.
B. Ah. The opposite.
A. Yeah. Complete, unselfconscious, all-encompassing comfort.
B. That sounds nice
A. It is! Well, it should be.
B. I almost feel guilty now.
A. Rats. I was going for suicidal with grief.
B. Tad extreme.
A. Don’t cross me.
B. *does stations, with soap, on A*
A. You are going to wish you never even went to CCD.
B. Going to?–Hey!
A. Oh look. You seem to have had a poor grip on your soap…
B. The soapscrub?
B. Hahahaha
B. huhHAHahaha

C. @@*~  &*~   ^%^@`!!^`~  $*(&&&k >>k##@+!!//,
D. &%^d$3##))))!~



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