12 Days of Christmas – Day One

In lieu of writing things, which I’ve been too busy/at a complete loss for words to do, here are some of my very favorite Christmas things for the next 12 days. Doesn’t sound tempting? Keep in mind that I have impeccable taste and everything I like is excellent. OBSERVE:

DAY ONEPaul F. Tompkins & Aimee Mann singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside”


Sang a similar version to this with a friend of mine two New Year’ses ago. It was inspired, at least on my part, by Paul F. Tompkins and Aimee Mann’s version. I took the man part and he took the Mann part. It was pretty good. A picture of that exists somewhere. Oh, it’s right…. HERE:

Lookin' at it / look-look-look lookin' at it

The lyrics are on the phone

and, riiiight….. HERE:

That last one should be to the tune of the paranoias in "Why I Love You"

We are looking at it (for that reason)

aaand, not here, but …. wait for it…. H- shoot. Frick. I thought it was juOHN

Bed Party

Our audience is... .

OSHoot. Missed it. But this las

Long as that fella's no creeper


t one I’m ready f– oh.


The pictures don’t show it, but I was half-a-cripple at the time. I think that desperation really helped me get into character. That, and being a huge creeper.


One More Drifter In The Snow, you guys





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