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Annotated Half-Marathon Shuffle

November 28 2011

1:35:07 de facto mix time + 1:34:10 gun time + 1:33:24 chip time = how long I spent writing this

1. “Found Out”   Caribou

Generally, when I’m planning a race mix, I like to begin with a song that starts slow or low-key before really opening up and rocking the fuck out of it. This is because a) I want shift up gradual to make sure all my parts are in working order before I get to pace, and (moreso) b) the starting line is a always a clusterfuck and you’re not going to be able to go as fast as you want to right away. The MVPs of this are Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk,” Smog’s “No Dancing,” John Cale’s “Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend,” and MestVestP, “At Least That’s What You Said” by Wilco.

This time, though, I didn’t make an actual scheduled mix. Mostly out of two kinds of laziness. The former being: it takes a lot of time to pick and plot an hour and a half to two hours of music and I didn’t start doing it until 10pm the night before and figured I should get at least/most 5-and-a-half hours of sleep. The latter, that my training for this was sub-sub-par and I had really lost the edge I had back in September when I was breaking my goals for this (1:30:00) on 13.5 mile runs and considering (delusionally so) ‘what if: 80 minutes?’.

So this mix shuffled together from a 5 hour plus list of 86 songs. “Found Out” seemed suitably low-key to start with, and it matched well the not-yet-day, black-grey drizzle vibe that accompanied our start. Good pull, ipod shuffle!

Seriously– I completely did not take into account the fact that 7:15 AM in November (let alone 6:15 when I walked down) is still essentially The Night.

2. “Head Held High”   The Velvet Underground

A pick-up. At this point, still a wall of folks and can’t really run as fast as I’d like. The wall has dispersed some, but they’re not so spread out that it’s not rude to pass most of them. Trying to weave through the legs of the monorail to find room, as people are mostly trying to avoid running into twenty foot high concrete pillars, but the road has studs that demarcate the lanes’ end, so it’s even extra unappealing.

3. “New Orleans”   Silver Jews

Cryptic song for a weird-feel stretch– good pull, ipod shuffle! At this point we’re downtown, going through the completely empty financial district past the blocked off I-5 onramp into the ID into poverty.



These Songs Would Be Beloved Pop Songs Of Universal Renown If They Weren’t Written/Performed By John Cale

September 19 2009

These Songs Would Be Beloved Pop Songs Of Universal Renown If They Hadn’t Had The Misfortune Of Having Been Written/Performed By John Cale


Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend

Hello, There

I’m Not The Loving Kind

I Keep A Close Watch


Big White Cloud

Taking It All Away

Child’s Christmas In Wales

You Know More Than I Know

Leaving It Up To You*


All I Want Is You



*Well, maybe not.