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(I’ve Got) Iterations (About So Many Things, But Not About You)

February 22 2010

Do you like it when I kiss you here?

Here, on the hip? [kiss] Or on the solar plexus? [kiss]

[bemuse mouth]

It’s actually called the celiac plexus [kiss again]

[o rly? hand to lips]

and it’s a cluster of nerves [kiss] in your upper abdomen [flurry of kisses]

[her hand moved to feign resistance, pushed against his hair; he stops, comes up]

Start up here [kiss the side of her skull] at the right vagus nerve [spoke into hair] which [look in the eyes, hand cradling head] means wandering [kiss and she kisses back, on the mouth] in latin [said while kissing]

[her responses drop off; focus pulled to track entirely his trek]

it’s one of your cranial nerves [kiss]

which goes from the medulla [kiss]

into your carotid sheath [kiss kiss kiss]

and through your jugular [kissss]

and down your neck [unkiss]

through the chest [kiss, kiss] [think about it]

well, the heart really [kiss]

where it lowers your heart rate [kiss]

using acetylcholine

[look up] making it my enemy

and down the abdomen [trail tiny kisses]

into the viscera

as well as the greater [kiss] and lesser [kiss] splanchnic nerves

[break for a moment: her kind eyes, patient]

[his look of love hangs from the downward corner of his mildly smiling lip]


And the vagus nerve, meets up with the greater [kiss] and lesser [kiss] splanchnic nerves at the celiac ganglia

and the nerves, in turn, travel to your

  • stomach [kiss]
  • spleen [kiss]
  • liver [kiss]
  • pancreas [kiss]
  • and kidneys [kiss]

and connects out to your

  • ovarian plexus [kiss]
  • or your testicles [look up] if you were a fella [smile]

[returned smile]

also: your colon [makes fake uncomfortable, exaggerated purse lips, that pulsate as if he is fighting them from dragging him down to kissing *that*; he wins]

[returned smile]

It innervates the whole [finger circle] viscera [plunks his finger down]

[her viscera ripples its approval]

[he licks his finger]

[he brings his head up to continue kissing her lips] It’s part of your autonomic nervous system [while his finger traces the following functions]

which controls all your unconscious [kiss] visceral [kiss] processes:

digesting [kiss]

respiration [ki-i-i-iss]

saliva, sweat, bladder functions [kiss. kiss. kisss]

[k]how[i]wide[s]your[s]eyes[k]get[i… i…i…nng]

and[ssssssssss]arousal [deflated]

[Her eyes no wider, lips not wet]

Or it did.

[Creepo Med Student Necrophilia Twist Ending]

Well. Let’s get you re-dressed and back to rest.

[zips up, reaches over for sutures and clamps]

Sleep tight.

[zips up, reaches over with clamps]

Don’t let the bed bugs bite.



February 15 2010


Do you like it when I kiss you here? [kiss]

Yes. I do.

How much? [look]

Hm. Can you kiss me again there…

[kiss; look]

Yeah. That’s good.

How good, though?


[kiss while looking]

It’s better than a strawberry milkshake. But not as good as a rootbeer float.1

[kiss (while looking)]

It’s like chicken teriyaki, or Hawaiian fast food– tastes like macaroni salad and cabbage and densely packed rice.

[kiss, but quick & gentle]

It’s as good as the best Beverly Cleary. Clear, concise, and crisp like a time machine.

[kiss with superfluous ribstickling tongue]

It’s the Weird Al of kisses: not that funny, tries too hard, but you sort of like it anyways.

[kiss, mashed up but terse]

It’s rain– hard rain– car washing the windshields of the coffeehouse I’ve been sitting in for four hours while I sip a cold hot chocolate, or guava soda, and read. And look.

[kiss, slow and sincere]

It’s the eighth best place you can kiss me, the 12th best place you can put your mouth.

What’s #1?

Lip half on my ear, telling me all of your secrets.2

redacted; others: It’s better than the elliptical but not quite the stationary bike.

  • It’s better than network, but it’s still TV– not HBO.
  • It’s better than global warming but not worth ditching my car for.
  • It’s better than a punch in the face, much better.
  • It’s better than the last 80 minutes of Up, but not the first 10 minutes of Up.
  • It’s better than a Hot Pastrami, but it’s no Reuben: King of the Sandwiches.
  • It talks like Imperial Bedroom but walks like Blood & Chocolate
  • It speaks softly and drives a Sherman tank
  • It’s better than Midway, and it’s better than O’Hare. Fuck Chicago’s airports.
  • It’s better than Taco Bell, just about Chipotle.
  • An authentic mole, on the other hand…


2While you finger me until I cry.

Iterations (part three? (part one?)?)?

February 13 2010


Do you like it when I kiss you here? [kiss]

Do you like it?

[kiss] Yes. [kiss]

Then go for it.

…But do you like it?






Sugar Spoon.

Sweaty Thighs.

Honey Pie.





Crayon Baby.











It’s inefficient!


Don’t need to waste these kisses…

Afraid you’ll run out of lip rubber?

No. I’ve obviously got plenty. [puff lips]

Planning on cutting sexual services in order to increase make-out margins and, therefore, erotically profit?

Sort of.


But not so cynical. […kiss]


I mean, it’s not about maximizing erotical profits on my end, so much as it is arousing interest by way of increasing …uh,

Foreplay efficiency.

Yes! [imaginary chart] Exactly [glasses, notes all of a sudden] By eliminating inefficient kisses and substandard gropes– even by only 30%– I can cultivate in you, the aroused, an exponential return in throth: heart rate escalation [finger], heaviness/density of breath [finger], and subiliac liquidity [finger]. AKA pussy wetness.

[just tits and covers; looking]

[no glasses, no notes, no chart; pointing at three fingers with one finger]




Do you like it when I kiss you here? [kiss]

Yes. I do.

Good. [kiss, kiss]


Iterations (pt 2 (pt 1))

February 10 2010


Do you like it when I kiss you here? [kiss]


How about here [kiss]?

Wait. No. Why?


Why do you need to know?


Is this some kind of ploy?

[kiss, kiss]

What are you planning?

All sorts of plans [kiss]

Am I just research for your masters degree in erotic cartography?

[kiss] Doctorate [kiss]

Are these kisses some kind of amorousness morse code?

[robot voice] M-O-S-T D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y [arms robot slightly, kiss]

Are you collecting market research?

What market would that be?

The… getting-ki[kiss]shhd ahn[unkiss] market.

Oh, well–[kiss]– you found me out.

I knew it.

I’m a secret plant for Big Affection [face on hand on elbow, looking]

[girds self with balled hands up-pulling covers (slightly)]

My mission was to find out what revs the engines of {variable} females age 25-25 who live in {variable} and like to date {his own name}

Mission Accomplished, I guess [the ol’ pout and turn]

[wait 11 seconds then the sound of kissing]


Do you like it when I kiss you here? [on the back]

It’s ok, I guess.

[the scritch of pen-to-pad] How about here?1



February 8 2010


Do you like it when I kiss you here? [kiss]


How about here? [kiss]



Ooh. 10.

[kiss, kiss]

3, 8 ½.

[look up]

There’s, like, channels.

[kiss] Channels?

Or something. 6. Some sort of ley lines.

[kiss] Leylines? [kiss] Or lay-lines.

Hm. Sort of, yeah.

[ki- freeze]

…what? Oh! 7 and… 7.


Also 7.

Looks like I found a pocket [kiss]

7.2. Yeah. It’s kind of a cluster there.

Should I be worried [kiss] that I’ve wandered [kiss] into your Bermuda Triangle? [kiss]

Moreso a nebula– 8s– they’re galactic leylines.

[kiss while saying ‘my b’]


[!] How come? [?]

I’m not your bee.1

Space bee [kiss] pollenating satellites [kiss] relaying signals by way of your bewitching wiggle. [kiss]

Aw. 8, 9, 10 ½.

Shit no wait: Honey moons. [tits kiss]

… 3.



1Alternate esoteric indignance: That’s cancer talk– are you trying to cost me dem titties?!