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Jokeyjoke/Played Out: Sophie’s Choice

October 20 2009

Comparing your options to Sophie’s Choice is so played out, guys.

[I heard someone use it when debating whether to go to bed or watch another re-run of Frasier.]
Really? The extent to which you’ve fucked up your life is comparable to deciding which one of your children to kill?

I mean:  C’mon, people.
Like your problems are really that easy to solve.

Flip a coin– duh.
It’s the only fair way to do it.

So obvious.

(She only has two kids, don’t even need to go a series of competing flips)
(She can even have the Nazi stop her from looking at the result and ask her to say the first name that comes to her head– a coin flip is a really great way to put things in perspective).

[Also: Frasier. We’re only on this Earth one time– make the most of it.
Who knows when your mom is going to wish it was tails.]