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My Dream Vending Machine

October 26 2009

My Dream Vending Machine


A1: Oatmeal Cream Pie (large)

A2: Gummi Bears

A3: Apple Fritter

A4: A perfectly ripened Plum

A5: Cadbury Cream Egg



B1: Nerds Rope

B2: Pistachios (pre-shelled, lightly peppered)

B3: A Snake that smells like my Dad’s Hands

B4: The feeling of tightly-packed Sand beneath my Fingernails

B5: Fried Dough



C1: A series of Invisible Trains that stalk the corridors of A Maze that there is No Way Out Of

C2: Candy Buttons

C3: M&Ms (Peanut)

C4: Falling

C5: Falling as a Direct Result of Explicitly Trying Not to Fall



D1: Circus Peanuts

D2: Circus Tickets by which the Clowns find a way into your Home (at night)

D3: Avocado & Chips

D4: The Police Car from Dr. Leong’s Waiting Room

D5: The Credits from Highway to Heaven ad infinitum / Dried Papaya (alternating)



E1: It’s my Junior High mashed-up with my High School, and I can’t remember (for the life of me) Which Period Is What Class nor Where That Class Could (for the life of me) Be

E2: Gym takes place on the Bank of a Particularly Brackish River and the Locker Room is only 6 Feet Tall (Slanting Down) but, spotted with Latch-Broken Chemical Toilet Stalls, stretches for some long forever.

E3: Grape or Banana Laffy Taffy (alternating)

E4: Your mouth forming Words in my Ear that I for-some-reason Can’t Understand; no tears, but in your eyes you are crying

E5: Butter Finger



F1: I am Crying, Begging my parents Not To Get Divorced; they have no idea what I am talking about But Agree To Stay Together Anyways

F2: Crocodile in the House!

F3: Did I Actually Kill Someone In Real Life? I wake up multiple times (in the dream) to find that I have in fact and that this is not a dream and that my life is irrevocably changed as a result of my Action

F4: Delicious Cape Cod Chips

F5: Peeing (on Accident)



G1: Peeing (on Purpose)

G2: You Fucking Somebody Else

G3: General Facelesness

G4: Lion in the House!

G5: Shark Bites / Gushers (alternating)



H1: Wint-o-Green Lifesavers

H2: Wint-o-Green Lifesavers (partially unwrapped)

H3: Wint-o-Green Lifesavers (that smell like my dad’s hands, pocket)

H4: Animal Crackers

H5: The Things We Did And Didn’t Do

H6: Lifesavers Classic 5-Color Roll

H7: The Synaesthetic Conflation of the Feeling of Winding my Childhood Music Box and its ¬†Stuttered Strains of “You Are My Sunshine”/Wint-o-Green Lifesavers¬†(alternating)